GOing with a little help from a friend

This year’s Every Day in May challenge provides the option of completing it with a partner (EDIM DUO) or individually (EDIM SOLO).

EDIM DUO is the easy and fun way to get May GOGO points. But you need to opt-in via the simple form below! Otherwise you’ll be on you own in EDIM SOLO ☺.

In EDIM DUO, if you and your partner combine 25 or more days of at least 5 miles, you’ll both earn GOGO points! Partners can alternate days or each do part of the necessary mileage every day … whatever works! Think of EDIM DUO as getting a little help from a friend! The daily mileage levels are the same as they’ve been since the first Every Day in May in 2014, and are certainly achievable by individuals. We’ve added the DUO option to add flexility, fun, and camaraderie to EDIM!

The mileage levels for EDIM SOLO are the same – you’ve just got to achieve them all by yourself!

We want you to participate in DUO even if you can’t ride a lot of miles or a lot of days. If you’re not a high-mileage/every day rider, we’ll match you with someone who is. Our goal is to keep the five-year Every Day in May tradition alive while adding flexibility and fun.

We also encourage high mileage every day riders to participate in DUO, perhaps helping riders less able to ride every day earn some GOGO points!

To join DUO, complete the simple form below. GOGO will find a partner for you based partly on 2017 total GOGO mileage and any May riding conflicts you list on the sign-up form.

Questions? Send email to gogo@elliptigoclub.org

Point levels are below. Each partner of an EDIM DUO pair gets the specified points, even if one rides much more than the other (though, a rider must ride at least 25 total miles in May to qualify for points).

In addition, any individual (whether SOLO or a DUO team member) who rides at least 5 miles on 25 or more days will receive 25 bonus points. In other words, the same maximum point total is available to both DUO or SOLO riders.

1) GOrider1 of a DUO pair rides 12 miles per day for the first 10 days of May, and GOrider2 of the same pair rides 15 miles per day from May 5 through May 31, yielding 31 days of 10+ miles for the pair. GOrider1 receives 175 points for team’s successful completion of 10+ miles every day in May GOrider2 receives 200, gaining the 25 point bonus for riding at least 5 miles on 25 or more days.
2) an EDIM SOLO rider completing 31 days of 10+ miles per day would receive 200 points.

Every Day in May

20+ miles Every Day in May = 225 points
10+ miles Every Day in May = 175 points
5+ miles Every Day in May = 125 points

28 Days in May

20+ miles for 28 days = 200 points
10+ miles for 28 days = 150 points
5+ miles for 28 days = 100 points

25 Days in May

20+ miles for 25 days = 100 points
10+ miles for 25 days = 75 points
5+ miles for 25 days = 50 points

Trainer rides are allowed BUT can contribute a maximum of 5 miles to any SOLO or DUO pair each day. That is, if a SOLO rider does a 12 mile trainer ride, he or she only gets credit for 5 miles. If that rider also does a 16 mile outdoor ride, 21 miles would be credited for the day. For DUO pairs, the combined maximum mileage from trainer rides is 5 miles per day. If one rider rides 10 trainer miles, and the other rides 6 trainer miles, and 6 outdoor miles, the pair would be credited with 11 miles for the day (5 from trainer, 6 from outdoor ride).