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Includes only riders who have authorized Strava access. (note: after authorization, it might take a day until your stats are included here)


  • This page can take several seconds to load and several seconds to update when you press a button. The stats for a category are computed in real time, examining the pretty-large-now full Club ride database. Some time in March 2018, the page will become much more responsive (but any newly posted rides won’t instantly show up in the stats. Stats computations will only be done once on twice per day.)
  • There are some crude filters regarding virtual/trainer rides, etc. Please let us know if certain rides should be flagged (esp. in speed tables).
  • The max-speed-within-ride table is completely unreliable. Strava reports a calculated maximum speed with every ride but it is often quite inaccurate even in cases where recording wasn’t done accidentally in a car, etc.

Rider Distance (miles) Elev. gain (ft) Speed (mph) Date Ride detail on Strava