IMPORTANT GOGO RULES CHANGE due to impacts of the coronavirus: For many of us the GOGO season is a great stress reliever and something to look forward to. To keep us moving and physically active, we are making the following change to the GOGO rules: Effective Monday, March 16, until further notice (through at least the end of April 2020), ANY non-ride form of timed Strava activity, including manual entries, will contribute to GOGO at the conversion rate of 10 miles per hour of activity. For example, if you post 75 minutes of weight training, yoga, or walking on Strava, you’ll be credited with 12.5 miles of riding for GOGO purposes.

Feb. 29 and March

Rider GOGO Points
GOGO Distance


GOGO Elevation

Leap Into GOGO
Feb. 29

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
March points Official Rides Points
*: GOGO distance includes both on-the-road and trainer/manual rides. Bonus points for top 10 GOGO mileage leaders will be based only on on-the-road miles.

Log of points from official rides

Date Rider GOGO Points Strava link

Leap Into GOGO, February 29, details

Since this is leap year, GOGO 2020 starts off with a bonus day! So Get Out & GO on February 29th & enjoy earning 1 point per mile up to 20 miles, plus an additional 5 points if you include #leap in your ride title along with a photo in your Strava post.

Details of March Get GOing activities

For each full “Strava week” in March, 2-8, 9-15, 16-22, 23-29:
15 points for any week over 25 miles or 2000 feet elev. gain
25 points for any week over 50 miles or 4000 feet elev. gain
35 points for any week over 100 miles or 7500 feet elev. gain
45 points for any week over 125 miles or 9000 feet elev. gain
During week 2, March 9-15: 5 points for a Strava post that includes hashtag #piday in the title and any photo honoring National Pi Day
During week 3, March 16-22: 5 points for a Strava post that includes hashtag #equinox in the title and any photo celebrating the equinox/change of seasons.