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GOGO Elevation
August Distance August Gain August number of 25 mile rides #lovemyGO August Points Leap Day and March April May June July Official Rides Points

July Ice Cream Social and IECD

Rider GOGO Points
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GOGO Elevation
July Ice Cream Social
July 1-31
Leap Day and March April May June Official Rides Points
Days: July 1-10 Elevation
July 11-20
July 21-31
July 25
Bike for Humanity
Ice cream
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June “Attitude of Gratitude”

View a gallery of all posts here, or touch any date in the June table to see the original Strava post.

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GOGO Elevation
June “Attitude of Gratitude”
June 1-30
Leap Day and March April May Official Rides Points
June Distance, Elevation, and Days World
June 3
June 1-7
June 8-14
June 15-21
June 22-28
June 29-30

GO-May-zing team progress

(Each partner rider can see their individual progress here)

Team Daily Points Total Daily mileage level
20: 20+ miles (7 points), 10: 10.0-19.99 miles (5 points)
5: 5.0-9.99miles (4 points), 2: 2.0-4.99miles (3 points)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

GO-May-zing individual progess

Rider GOGO Points
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GOGO Elevation
May Distance, Elevation Daily points total EDIM and Team Name bonus points Daily mileage level
20: 20+ miles (7 points), 10: 10.0-19.99 miles (5 points)
5: 5.0-9.99miles (4 points), 2: 2.0-4.99miles (3 points)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

April GO around the world

Rider GOGO Points
GOGO Distance


GOGO Elevation
April Distance, Elevation, and Days Emoji earned

🛣 (20 points): every 100 miles  ⛰ (10 pts): every 2500 ft 
🚴(10 pts): each 30+ mi ride  ☀️(10 pts): every 10 days
5 pts each: 🌎 #earth, 🌬 #wind, 🔥 #fire, 🌊 #water

🏆 (20 pt bonus): if all other emoji earned

🌐: for first 24.9 miles. 10 points for each circumnavigation of the globe

April Points Leap Day and March Official Rides Points

Feb. 29 and March

Rider GOGO Points
GOGO Distance


GOGO Elevation

Leap Into GOGO
Feb. 29

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
March points Official Rides Points
*: GOGO distance includes both on-the-road and trainer/manual rides. Bonus points for top 10 GOGO mileage leaders will be based only on on-the-road miles.

Log of points from official rides

Date Rider GOGO Points Strava link

Leap Into GOGO, February 29, details

Since this is leap year, GOGO 2020 starts off with a bonus day! So Get Out & GO on February 29th & enjoy earning 1 point per mile up to 20 miles, plus an additional 5 points if you include #leap in your ride title along with a photo in your Strava post.

Details of March Get GOing activities

For each full “Strava week” in March, 2-8, 9-15, 16-22, 23-29:
15 points for any week over 25 miles or 2000 feet elev. gain
25 points for any week over 50 miles or 4000 feet elev. gain
35 points for any week over 100 miles or 7500 feet elev. gain
45 points for any week over 125 miles or 9000 feet elev. gain
During week 2, March 9-15: 5 points for a Strava post that includes hashtag #piday in the title and any photo honoring National Pi Day
During week 3, March 16-22: 5 points for a Strava post that includes hashtag #equinox in the title and any photo celebrating the equinox/change of seasons.

April: GOmoji Around the World

GROUP adventure: Let’s ride around the world for Earth Month. If the total distance covered by all GOGO participants in April exceeds the earth’s circumference of 24,901 miles, each person who rides at least 24.9 total miles will receive 10 points in addition to their individual points below.
INDIVIDUAL adventure: Earn emoji for GOGO points. Collect them in any quantity or combination you like. (175 GOGO points maximum)
🛣 (20 points): for each 100 total miles
⛰ (10 points): for every 2500 ft total elevation gain
🚴 (10 points): for each single ride of 30+ miles
☀ (10 points): for every 10 days ridden
🌐 for the first 24.9 total miles ridden
In addition, you may earn one of each of the following by posting a ride to Strava with the hashtag in the title along with a fitting photo.
🌎 (5 points): #earth 🌬 (5 points): #wind
🔥 (5 points): #fire , 🌊 (5 points) for #water
If you collect ALL nine emoji above you’ll also earn: 🏆 (20 points)

You can receive a maximum of 175 points based on the individual adventure. For each circumnavigation of the globe by the group, individuals who have earned the 🌐 emoji will get an additional 10 points (making 185 or 195 points the maximum possible total for the month).

The leaderboard will display your individual emoji collection:

May: GO-May-zing!

Earn points daily. GO it alone or share your daily mileage goal with a partner (GOGO will do the matchmaking – you might make a friend halfway around the world). If you’re up for it, ride Every Day in May and earn bonus points!

Daily Point levels:
20+ miles = 7 points
10+ miles = 5 points
5+ miles = 4 points
2+ miles = 3 points

If you have a partner, you’ll each earn the points based on your combined mileage each day. To be eligible for May points, a rider must ride at least 25 total miles during the month.

Every Day in May bonus:
20+ miles Every Day in May = 50 points
10+ miles Every Day in May = 35 points
5+ miles Every Day in May = 25 points
2+ miles per day = 20 points
Any individual who rides every day during GO-May-Zing will receive bonus points commensurate with their lowest mileage day.

Trainer rides are permitted in May.

The special coronavirus-related March and April rules DO NOT apply in May. All May rides must be on ElliptiGOs.

June: Attitude of Gratitude

2020 has been an extraordinary year. June’s GOventure bears an “attitude of gratitude” and asks riders to reflect on their ElliptiGO experiences through weekly hashtag points.

During any ride take a photo that’s your interpretation of the weekly theme, add it to your Strava post, and include the weekly hashtag (e.g. “hope”) in your ride title. What symbolizes #honor or #strength for you? Is your #adventure a ride to the coffee shop or a climb up a mountain? You’re welcome to include additional thoughts in the Strava description field. We will gather the photos and thoughts onto one web page for convenient viewing, linked from the main GOGO leaderboard.

June 1-7: #hope
June 8-14: #strength
June 15-21: #adventure
June 22-28: #community
June 29-30: #honor

10 points for each week in which you do one or more hashtag post.

Beyond the reflective posts, earn up to 90 additional June points via basic riding:

1 point for every 10 miles cumulative distance: maximum 30
1 point for every 250 ft cumulative elevation gain: maximum 30
1 point for each day ridden: maximum 30

And finally, earn up to 25 points World Bicycle Day, June 3:

1 point per mile up to 20 plus 5 points for including #worldbikeday in ride title.

July: Ice Cream Social, International Elliptical Cycling Day, and Bike for Humanity

July’s adventure has three basic riding components, some ice cream-based hashtag fun (it’s National Ice Cream month in the U.S.), and two special events: International Elliptical Cycling Day and Bike for Humanity.

July 1-10, days:
3 points for each day of 2 miles
4 points for each day of 5 miles
5 points for each day of 10 miles
7 points for each day of 20 miles

July 11-20, elevation:
20 pts for 2000ft
30 pts for 3000ft
45 pts for 5000ft

July 21-31, distance:
10 pts for 30 miles
20 pts for 50 miles
30 points for 100 miles
40 points for 140 miles

Ice Cream Social hashtags posts:
5 points (30 pts maximum) for each of up to six different rides with Strava posts containing one of the following hashtagged flavors: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, rockyroad, mintchip, coffee, pistachio, coconut, lemon, cookiesandcream, fudgeswirl, cheesecake, dreamsicle, smores, mango. Note: only two hashtag rides per July riding block: July 1-10, July 11-20, July 21-31

July 25, International Elliptical Cycling Day (IECD): IECD marks sixteenth anniversary of ElliptiGO co-founders Bryan Pate, CEO, and Brent Teal, CTO, formalizing their partnership to develop the world’s first elliptical bicycle in July 2005. Ride any distance on IECD and receive 1 pt per mile up to 50 miles.

July 25, Bike for Humanity: Bike for Humanity is a cycling event about taking a passionate, purposeful, and virtual bike ride with Bill Walton and his friends to raise money for important, immediate causes. All net proceeds will benefit the victims of COVID-19 and the health care workers involved in their care. ElliptiGO, Inc. is directly supporting the event and designing an ElliptiGO-specific medal for participants. This ride will count as an “Official Ride” for GOGO purposes, so if you register and participate, you’ll receive points according to the official ride points table: 20 points for 15-44.9 miles, 40 points for 45-59.9 miles, 50 points for 60-93.9 miles, and 75 points for 94+ miles. Although you must register to get points, a donation is not required. A donation is required to receive the ElliptiGO medal. Register here and join the ElliptiGO team!
Note: Although virtual, Bike for Humanity will be treated as a GOGO official ride and, as such, you will not be able to “double up” GOGO points by getting credit for two official rides at once by riding another official ride at the same time. If you sign up for both Bike for Humanity as well as another, presumably non-virtual, official ride on July 25, you’ll need to indicate to GOGO which ride you want GOGO credit for. YOU MAY, HOWEVER, GET BOTH IECD POINTS AND POINTS FOR ONE OFFICIAL RIDE, BIKE FOR HUMANITY OR ANOTHER, ON JULY 25.

August: GO Easy

Anticipating September’s Team Challenge, August’s GOventure provides four simple month-long points-earning opportunities. Enjoy some relaxing days off or fine tune your fitness for the Team Challenge. Points from each category may be combined in any way to earn a maximum of 125 points:

3 points for every 15 total miles
3 points for every 1000 feet elevation gain
10 points for each single ride over 25 miles
5 points for one Strava post with the hashtag #lovetoGO along with a photo of your ElliptiGO