The purpose of the Global ElliptiGO Riders Club is to foster enthusiasm and community among ElliptiGO owners through online and in-person engagement. This includes:

  1. Organizing riding and social events for club members (Winter Classic, Spring Classic, Rally Weekend, ElliptiGO Days, etc.)
  2. Being the focal point for coordinating and managing community riding programs like GOGO (Get Out and GO).
  3. Maintaining a community website that includes content like points-of-contact for local riding groups, a calendar of upcoming group rides and events, service tips and recommendations, photos from events, training plans/techniques, etc.
  4. Selling branded and/or event-branded apparel/accessories/other goods that comply with the ElliptiGO brand guidelines
  5. Putting out a newsletter/communication to club members

The Global ElliptiGO Riders Club is a 501(c)7 AZ non-profit corporation. The Club’s by-laws are here.

Club Board of Directors

Walt Baldwin, Frank Blaisdell, Katie Blau, Jim Cremer, Clint Greenbaum, Steve Hughes, Jane LeGore, Bryan Pate, Didi Schenck, Lamorna Swigart

Club officers

President: Frank Blaisdell
Vice President: Jim Cremer
Treasurer: Steve Hughes
Secretary: Lamorna Swigart

Club committees:

Events and Community Outreach ( Lisa Chapman, Jim Cremer, Lyn Huston, Jane LeGore
Communications and website ( Jim Cremer, Paul Wormsbecher
GOGO ( Walt Baldwin, Steve Hughes, Didi Schenck
Membership ( Clint Greenbaum
Technical Support ( Jim Cremer
Swag ( Katie Blau, Jim Cremer, Jane LeGore

Interested in helping the Club?

The Club is always looking for members who want to contribute to our community by working with the Board and its committees: organizing, planning, and hosting events, developing and managing GOGO, aiding in Club recruitment and membership administration, and working with the Club website. Members who wish to be candidates for Board of Directors elections are expected to have worked on or with Club committees on events or other Club activities. Interested? Send email to