Join us on Saturday, August 21, in San Diego, CA for an awesome day of ElliptiGO riding and socializing. If you want to make a weekend out of it, stay for Sunday’s Bike the Bay!

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This is a special ElliptiGO event that mimics the show “The Amazing Race.” Groups of approximately 4-5 ElliptiGOers will be given an envelope full of numbered cue cards to be opened in order along their ride. The Route Cards will provide a clue that will lead the team to a Pit Stop destination (i.e. historic landmark, memorial, park, statue, artwork, etc.). Once at the Pit Stop, the next card will instruct the team on how to get credit for their stop (i.e. a prompted group photo or video – all members present at each stop, no GOer left behind). Eventually each team will be led to a Road Block where they will have to complete a challenge before continuing back to the finish. There will be several routes, each catered to a slightly different riding distance (22-35 miles) and elevation gain. Overall the game provides a touristy glimpse of San Diego and a fun adventure.

The inaugural edition in 2020 was a lot of fun.

Pre-registration is required:

  • Free for GERC members
  • $10 insurance fee for non-members

Please register at the bottom of this page.

Group ride: Route distances and elevation gain varies. Teams will be formed at the event and routes assigned accordingly, but this event is generally recommended for moderate to advanced riders. Each group will have one person who is responsible for the packet, a leader, and a sweep. Since the teams will be small and the distances between stops only a few miles, the expectation is that each group will stick together. This is a self-supported ride. Please bring water, extra tube, tools and make sure your GO is ready to ride.

Rentals: Participants must provide their own ElliptiGO/bike or make their own arrangements to borrow or rent one. Rentals will not be provided or coordinated by GERC.

Local organizer: Dayna Hogue

Saturday, August 21, 2021

7:00-7:30AM: Riders gather at our meet-up location:

South Shores Launch Ramp parking lot near Sea World San Diego
Map here

7:30-11:30AM: The race is on!

11:30AM-??: Post-ride picnic/potluck/pizza lunch and socializing in the parking lot at the ride start/finish. Since the groups finish at different times it works out best to have food and drinks available at the finish.

(optional) Sunday, August 22, 2021

7:00AM-noon – Join many ElliptiGO riders and thousands of cyclists for Bike the Bay! Information and registration here. When you sign up, make sure to register as a member of team ElliptiGO!

If you’d like more information about future one-day events or how to organize a one-day event in your area, please email

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