Are you ready to Get Out and GO?

Get Out and GO 2018 (GOGO) is a challenge program modeled after ElliptiGO’s previous “Get on the Map.” 2017’s inaugural edition of GOGO was a rousing success. One hundred GOGO participants from around the world logged more than 170,000 miles seeking fun, leaderboard glory, and GOGO swag. The 2017 leaderboards are here. One of this year’s most exciting events, the month-long Team Challenge, ended after a very tight contest among fives teams for distance, elevation, and days-ridden honors. We hope you look forward to even more fun in the 2018 edition!

GOGO 2018 runs from March 1 through October 31, 2018.

  • Register here – it only take a minute.
  • GOGO leaderboards are here
  • View official rules and details here on how to get points

BONUS POINTS AVAILABLE: if you recruit someone to the Club and to GOGO, and they enter your name as referrer when registering for GOGO, you and the new member will each receive 50 GOGO points! (Maximum 100 bonus points per person)

The GOGO schedule is below.

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GOGO schedule

  • April 2-30: Keep GOing.

    GOGO points available:

    50 points for a total over 100 miles or 8000 ft during April 2-30
    75 points for 200 miles or 15,000 ft
    100 points for 400 miles or 30,000 ft
    125 points for 600 miles or 40,000 ft

    BONUS 25 points for any one ride in April 2 – 30 that is your longest distance or largest elevation gain since March 1.

    BONUS 10 points if you ride a new ElliptiGO SUB (even just a test ride – you don’t have to own one) and post a photo of it with your ride on Strava (and annotate that ride with “GOGO” so that the Club’s software “notices” the ride)

  • March 1 – October 31: Longest Ride Challenge Club member and ElliptiGO-rider extraordinaire Idai Makaya is undertaking yet another epic challenge, and GOGO is happy to partner with him. Earn 100 bonus GOGO points by joining Idai’s Longest Ride Challenge ( and completing it during the GOGO season. Idai’s goal is to set a new Guinness World Record for the 2,700 kilometer round trip journey between John o’Groats and Land’s End, UK. Idai will be riding in memory of his brother, the skydiver Garai Makaya.
  • March 5-April 1: Get GOing.Weeks: March 5-11, March 12-18, March 19-25, March 26-April 1.

    GOGO points available:
    20 points for any week over 25 miles or 2000 ft elevation gain
    30 points for any week over 50 miles or 4000 ft elevation gain
    40 points for any week over 100 miles or 8000 ft elevation gain
    50 points for any week over 160 miles or 10000 ft elevation gain

    For example, if your weeks were 52mi/2600ft, 26mi/4200ft, 12mi/1100ft, and 175mi/5000ft, you’d receive 30 + 30 + 0 + 50 points for a March total of 110 GOGO points.

    Properly measured indoor trainer miles are allowed if they are on an ElliptiGO.

  • March 1-4: GOGO Kickoff. Post one ride to Strava with “GOGO” in the title or description and receive 10 GOGO points

GOGO award levels

  1. 750+ points: bronze-level GOGO swag
  2. 1500+ points: silver-level GOGO swag
  3. 2000+ points: gold-level GOGO swag

In addition, there will be special awards for the three highest point totals. Who will be atop the final GOGO leaderboard?

In 2017, there were 4 gold, 7 silver, and 41 bronze awardees.