Are you ready to Get Out and GO?

Get Out and GO (GOGO) is an eight-month riding program full of a variety of fun, social individual and community riding challenges. 2018’s edition of GOGO was a rousing success. More than 130 GOGO participants from around the world logged more than 250,000 miles seeking fun, leaderboard glory, and GOGO swag (see the 2018 leaderboards here). One of this 2018’s most exciting events, the month-long Team Challenge, ended after very tight contest among fives teams for distance, elevation, and days-ridden honors. We hope you look forward to participating in the 2019 edition!

GOGO 2019 runs from March 1 through October 31, 2019.

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  • GOGO leaderboards are here
  • View official rules and details here on how to get points
  • GOGO award level information is here

BONUS POINTS AVAILABLE:Through March 5, 2019, if you recruit a new member to the Club and they enter your name as referrer when signing up for GOGO, you’ll each receive 50 bonus GOGO points! (Maximum 100 bonus points per person)

The GOGO schedule is below.

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GOGO schedule

  • May 1-31: EVERY DAY IN MAY: DUO and SOLO

    Points levels are the same for DUO and SOLO. The same maximum 250 point total is available to DUO and SOLO riders.

    Each partner of an EDIM DUO pair who contributes at least 25 total miles gets the specified points, even if one rides much more than the other.

    In addition, any individual (whether a DUO team member or a SOLO rider) who rides at least 5 miles on 25 or more days will receive 25 bonus points.

    Point levels

    20+ miles Every Day in May = 225 points
    10+ miles Every Day in May = 175 points
    5+ miles Every Day in May = 125 points

    28 Days in May

    20+ miles for 28 days = 200 points
    10+ miles for 28 days = 150 points
    5+ miles for 28 days = 100 points

    25 Days in May

    20+ miles for 25 days = 100 points
    10+ miles for 25 days = 75 points
    5+ miles for 25 days = 50 points

    Trainer rides are allowed BUT contribute a maximum of 5 miles per person per day. That is, if a rider does a 12 mile trainer ride, he or she gets credit for 5 miles. If that rider also does a 16 mile outdoor ride, 21 miles would be credited for the day.

    1) GOrider1 of a DUO pair rides 12 miles per day for the first 10 days of May, and GOrider2 of the same pair rides 15 miles per day from May 5 through May 31, yielding 31 days of 10+ miles for the pair. GOrider1 receives 175 points for team’s successful completion of 10+ miles every day in May GOrider2 receives 200, gaining the 25 point bonus for riding at least 5 miles on 25 or more days.
    2) an EDIM SOLO rider completing 31 days of 10+ miles per day would receive 200 points.

  • April 1-30: GO AROUND THE WORLD

    Group challenge: Let’s ride around the world for Earth Month. If the total distance covered by all GOGO participants in April exceeds the earth’s circumference of 24,901 miles, each person who rides at least 24.901 total miles will receive 10 points in addition to their individual points below.

    Individual challenge: Earn emojis for GOGO points. Collect them in any quantity or combination you like. (175 GOGO points maximum)

    🛣️(20 points): for each 100 total miles
    ⛰️(10 points): for every 2500 ft total elevation gain
    🚴 (10 points): for each single ride of 30+ miles
    ☀️(10 points): for every 10 days ridden
    🌐 for the first 24.9 total miles ridden (10 points if group circumnavigates the globe)

    In addition, you may earn one of each of the following by posting a ride to Strava with the hashtag in the title along with a fitting photo:
    🌎(5 points): #earth 🌬️(5 points): #wind
    🔥(5 points): #fire 🌊(5 points): #water

    If you collect ALL nine emojis above you’ll also earn:
    🏆(20 points)

    Properly measured ElliptiGO-on-trainer rides are permitted for the April challenge.

  • March 27-May 31: MSUB RIDE BONUS. Take a ride on the new ElliptiGO MSUB, add a photo on Strava and include #MSUB in the title to earn a 10 point bonus. This bonus can only be earned once. These 10 points are separate from the April maximum.
  • March 4-31: Get GOing. For each full “Strava week” in March 4th – 31st (Strava weeks are Monday – Sunday):
    • 15 points for any week over 25 miles or 2000 feet elevation gain
    • 25 points for any week over 50 miles or 4000 feet elevation gain
    • 35 points for any week over 100 miles or 7500 feet elevation gain
    • 45 points for any week over 125 miles or 9000 feet elevation gain

    March hashtag posts:

    • During week 2, March 11-17: 10 points for a Strava post that includes hashtag #piday in the title and any photo honoring National Pi Day
    • During week 3, March 18-24: 10 points for a Strava post that includes hashtag #spring in the title and any photo celebrating Spring/Equinox

    For example, if your weeks were 52mi/2600ft, 26mi/4200ft, 12mi/1100ft, and 175mi/5000ft, and you posted a #spring-hashtagged ride during week 3, you’d receive 25 + 25 + 0 + 45 + 10 points for a March total of 105 GOGO points.

    Properly measured indoor trainer miles are allowed if they are on an ElliptiGO.

  • March 1-3: GOGO Kickoff: 10 points for posting one ride to Strava with “GOGO” in the title or description

GOGO award levels

  1. 750+ points: bronze-level GOGO swag
  2. 1500+ points: silver-level GOGO swag
  3. 2000+ points: gold-level GOGO swag

In addition, there will be special awards for the three highest point totals. Who will be atop the final GOGO leaderboard?

In 2018, there were 3 gold, 12 silver, and 53 bronze awardees.