Looking for more ElliptiGO community riding and social events? Organize an “ElliptiGO Day” in your area! Read through the basic requirements below to propose a 1-day event using the form at the bottom of the page. Proposals must be submitted 45 days before the event date. If you have any questions, email us at events@elliptigoclub.org

A list of all past and future ElliptiGO Day events is here.

ElliptiGO Day requirements:

  • An ride with a specified route, lead and sweep GOs (no rider left behind!).
  • Generally 20-30 miles, with regroup points and a group break midway. The ride will be insured under the Club’s insurance policy. If there are enough participants, it is reasonable to consider two routes, one shorter (12-20 miles) and perhaps more slowly paced, and one longer (20-35 miles).
  • At least one social gathering. E.g., a post-ride lunch at a local restaurant
  • Registration is required, via the GERC website. Cost: free, but participants must be Club members. For people planning to do just one event, a ne-day membership will be provided for free.
  • No ElliptiGO rental support from ElliptiGO, Inc. Participants bring their own ElliptiGOs, arrange for local rental, or borrow from a friend.
  • ElliptiGO Day events are self-supported rides. Each participant will be encouraged to bring water, extra tubes, tools and make sure their GO is ready to ride.
  • Minimum 10 registrants (as of seven days prior to the event date) for the event to qualify and be listed as an official Club event.
  • ElliptiGO Day events cannot be part of another organized event (e.g., charity rides, Bike the Bay, 5Boros, etc). They may, however, be in the same general location and on the same weekend as another organized event, which can be listed on the ElliptiGO Day web page as an optional additional ride.
  • ElliptiGO Day events will count as an Official Event. GOGO participants will receive up to 20 GOGO points if they post their ElliptiGO Day rides to Strava with the required “#points” somewhere in the ride title.

ElliptiGO Day “Game Plan”: Once an ElliptiGO Day is approved, the Events Committee will work with organizer(s) as detailed in this handy checklist .

ElliptiGO Day proposal requirements:

  • Proposals must be submitted to the Club Events committee via the form on this page at least 45 days prior to the event date.
  • Within a calendar year, each ElliptiGO Day event should be unique, and general locations should be varied from other events.
  • A single individual may organize up to three ElliptiGO Days per year.
  • Two events organized by the same person must take place at least 60 days apart.

To propose an ElliptiGO Day event, complete and submit the form below. We’ll work out details with you, publish a registration page, and get the word out to the community.