Between now and April 30th, 2023, you can sign up for a free 3-month trial membership to the Club. The trial membership includes two key Club benefits:

  • free registration for ElliptiGO Day events and Club-member pricing for larger events such as the Spring Classic.
  • participation in the Get Out and GO (GOGO) riding program. GOGO is an 8-month riding program full of fun, social, individual and community riding activities. Last season, 280+ participants from around the world logged more than 450,000 miles and 13 million feet of climbing while having fun seeking personal achievement and GOGO swag.

    It does not take a ton of riding to earn cool GOGO swag. Past year swag items (see images below) include jackets (every year, even at the Bronze level), performance shirts, various bags and packs, travel mugs, and so on.

    Each month provides the opportunity to earn 150-250 GOGO points. Earning maximum points each month looks daunting and can be pretty challenging. BUT an average of just 95 points per month will earn you Bronze-level swag! Read each month’s activity and points breakdown and make a plan to achieve the number of points that will meet your goal.

    After you sign up, your name will appear on the GOGO leaderboard and your points will start accumulating as you ride. We hope that the free trial will let you see how quickly you can amass GOGO points and make progress toward earning swag.

To become eligible to continue earning GOGO points and receive GOGO swag at the end of the season, simply complete the full membership forms here by the end of your free-trial period: Join. Additional benefits of full membership include a free Club t-shirt, a 10% discount code for accessories and other items at, an exclusive Club sticker, riding achievement stickers, and more.

Simply complete the form below to activate your trial membership.

Sign up for your free 3-month trial membership

Some of the 2022 and 2021 GOGO swag items