Are you ready to Get Out and GO?

Get Out and GO 2017 (GOGO) is a challenge program modeled after ElliptiGO’s previous “Get on the Map.” Club members around the world complete rides and challenges to earn points toward leaderboard glory and GOGO rewards.

GOGO 2017 runs from March 1 through October 31, 2017.

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  • View official rules and details here on how to get points
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The GOGO schedule is below.

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GOGO schedule

GOGO rewards

  1. 500+ points: bronze-level GOGO swag
  2. 1250+ points: silver-level GOGO swag
  3. 2000+ points: gold-level GOGO swag

In addition, there will be special individual awards for the three highest point totals. Who will be atop the final GOGO leaderboard?

More details about rewards will be posted later.  This is the first year of the Club and the GOGO program; Club officers will do their best to make GOGO fun, challenging and rewarding!

Schedule of completed GOGO events

    GOGO 18’s first month is the same as in 2017 but expect new and different challenges throughout the spring and summer.

  • March 1-5: GOGO Kickoff. Post one ride to Strava with “GOGO” in the title or description and receive 10 GOGO points
  • March 6-April 2: Get GOing. GOGO begins with a “light” four-week challenge that will help get you ready for more intense May and summer challenges. (For this month’s challenge indoor trainer miles are allowed if they are on an ElliptiGO.)
    Weeks: March 6-12, March 13-19, March 20-26, March 26-April 2.
    GOGO points available:
    50 points for two weeks of at least 25 miles each
    75 points for three weeks of at least 25 miles each
    100 points for four weeks of at least 25 miles each
    125 points for four weeks of at least 50 miles each
    150 points for four weeks of at least 100 miles each
    Note that these are not weekly averages. One week of 1 mile and one of 60 miles yield only one week satisfying the “at least 25 miles each” rule.
    You can get your 25+ miles in 1 ride or many rides, but you need 25 miles in a week for the week to count towards GOGO points.
  • April 3-30: mini-challenges. Earn up to 50 points with GO Farther and GO Higher:
    • 25 points if any April week’s distance total is your highest since the beginning of GOGO
    • 25 points if a different April week’s elevation gain total is your highest since the beginning of GOGO.

    Note: if you first beat both targets in the same week, you’ll have use a later week to exceed one of the (now higher) targets again. Yes, this challenge is tougher for people who put up big numbers in March. Leaders have to keep working 🙂

  • May 1-31:
    Every Day in May(EDIM)
  • 20+ miles Every Day in May = 225 points
    10+ miles Every Day in May = 175 points
    5+ miles Every Day in May = 125 points
    1+ miles Every Day in May = 75 points

    28 Days in May

    20+ miles for 28 days = 200 points
    10+ miles for 28 days = 150 points
    5+ miles for 28 days = 100 points
    1+ miles for 28 days = 50 points

    25 Days in May

    20+ miles for 25 days = 100 points
    10+ miles for 25 days = 75 points
    5+ miles for 25 days = 50 points
    1+ miles for 25 days = 25 points

    All EDIM ride must be outdoors on an ElliptiGO. Trainer rides do not count for EDIM.

    The leaderboard displays each day’s achieved level (1+, 5+, 10+, 20+) so you can keep track of your progress.

  • June 1-30: 3 mini-challenges
    • GO Far: 25 points if a single day’s distance is your longest since March 1.
    • GO High: 25 points if a single day’s elevation gain is your greatest since March 1
    • GO Official Ride bonus: 25 points above the standard official ride points for one official ride in June.

    NOTES: Each bonus can only be earned once. GO Far, GO High, and GO Official Ride bonuses must each be earned on different days. GO Far / GO High may be earned during official rides (for which you’ll get the usual points) but not during the same official ride that is used to earn the June Official Ride bonus.

  • July 8, International Elliptical Cycling Day (IECD): total outdoor GO miles on IECD will be treated as an official ride and earn double the usual official ride points! Thus, 50 points for total less than 45 miles, 100 points for 45-91, 150 points for 91-110, and 200 points for more than 110 miles.
  • 100,000th mile bonus: receive 25 points if your ride puts total Club GOGO miles over 100,000 miles (current total is always shown on the leaderboard). We expect this to happen in late July or early August.
  • July 17-August 20, GO Everest and GO LEL
    • GO Everest:
      25 points for total elevation gain of 5,000 ft
      50 points for total elevation gain of 10,000 ft
      75 points for total elevation gain of 15,000 ft
      100 points for total elevation gain of 20,000 ft
      150 points for total elevation gain of 29,029 ft (Mt. Everest)

    • GO LEL:
      25 points for total distance of 150 miles
      50 points for total distanced of 300 miles
      75 points for total distance of 450 miles
      100 points for total distance of 600 miles
      150 points for total distance of 890 miles (London-Edinborough-London)

    On May 14, 2017 Tim Woodier became the first ElliptiGO to “Everest”, climbing 30,873ft over 17 and a half hours via 60 repeats of Rholben Road hill in Wales, UK (Strava details). See if you can climb that much over five weeks!

    London-Edinburgh-London (LEL) is one of the world’s most famous long distance cycling challenges, requiring riders to complete 890 miles in 116 hours and 40 minutes (just under 5 days). In 2013, Idai Makaya become the first ElliptiGOer to complete LEL. LEL 2017 takes place July 30-Aug4, right during our GO LEL challenge! ElliptiGOer Billy Grace from Jersey, UK, will ride in this year’s event. See if you can ride the LEL distance over five weeks!

  • September 1-30, GOGO Team Challenge

    Teams compete in three categories: distance, elevation gain, and days ridden.

    • distance is total mileage among all your team members.
    • elevation gain is the total elevation gain among all your team members.
    • days ridden is the sum of each team member’s total number of days in September on which they rode at least one mile. Thus, the maximum “days ridden” score for a team is 30 times the number of team members. Note: a ride is credited to the day on which it starts (local time). Thus, for example, a ride that starts at 11:59pm on September 3 counts only for September 3 even if most of it actually takes place on September 4.

    ElliptiGO rides on stationary trainers, properly measured, are allowed in the distance and days ridden categories, but not the elevation gain category.

    Note on fairness/rules

    In the spirit of open friendly competition, please upload completed rides as soon as reasonably possible. We reserve the right to reject rides more than a day or two old, especially if you have already posted more recent rides.

    GOGO points allocation

    Each team member will receive GOGO points for each of the categories:

    • 100 points for first place
    • 85 points for second place
    • 70 points for third place
    • 55 points for fourth place
    • 40 points for fifth place

    Thus, if a team places second in two categories, and fourth in one, its members will each receive 225 points. (Note: Team members who ride zero total miles will not receive any points.)

  • October 1-31 Mini-challenges

    Receive up to 100 points for setting new GOGO personal records (PRs) in four categories: distance in one day, elevation gain in one day, distance in one week, elevation in one week.

    The leaderboard displays your PR in each category during the first seven months of GOGO, Mar. 1 – Sep. 30. For each PR that you beat during October, you will receive 25 GOGO points. You can only gets points once for each of the four different categories. You may achieve two at once – e.g. you will receive 50 points if one day you beat both your day distance and day elevation PRs. Trainer rides are allowed for the distance but not elevation categories. October weeks are Oct. 2-8, 9-15, 16-22, and 23-29.