Rides and special challenges that yield GOGO points:

  • Official rides: organized cycling events that have a website, a formal registration process, and a formal sponsoring organization.  Points awarded:
    • less than 45 miles: 20 points
    • 45-91 miles: 40 points
    • 91+ miles: 75 points

Note: multi-day events count as one long event. Points are not awarded separately for each day.

Note: adding extra miles beyond the published distance of an official ride will not yield additional GOGO points.

  • GOGO challenges: Participate in any of the special GOGO challenges such as the Global Team Challenge, Every Day in May, International Elliptical Cycling Day, etc.  Points awarded will vary by event.

To receive GOGO points for a ride or set of rides, you must:

  • For official rides and for the GOGO Kickoff ride: post your ride on Strava and include the word “GOGO” somewhere in the title or description of the ride.
  • For special GOGO challenges: simply make sure all rides are posted on Strava. Please do not annotate everyday rides during challenges with “GOGO” unless they are also official rides. We will automatically process all rides that you’ve posted during the special event’s time period
  • NOTE: you can receive double points for some rides.  For example, if you do an official or feature ride (and mark it with “GOGO” as described above) during a GOGO challenge such as the Global Team Challenge, you will get points for the official/featured ride and the ride will contribute as usual to the special challenge.

Additional rules:

  • All rides for GOGO points must be completed outdoors on an ElliptiGO, except
    • some day-, week- or month-long GOGO events may allow use ElliptiGO rides on stationary trainer if properly measured. See details for the particular challenge.