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March GOGO Kickoff and GetGOing

Rider GOGO Points

GOGO Distance

GOGO Elevation

GOGO Kickoff Points March Hashtag Posts Get GOing Official Rides Points Bonus Points (for new member referral)
March 1-3 M11-17
Points Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
GetGOing points

Log of points from official rides

Date Rider GOGO Points Strava link

Details of March challenges

  • March 1-3: GOGO Kickoff: 10 points for posting one ride to Strava with “GOGO” in the title or description
  • March 4-31: Get GOing. For each full “Strava week” in March 4th – 31st (Strava weeks are Monday – Sunday):
    • 15 points for any week over 25 miles or 2000 feet elevation gain
    • 25 points for any week over 50 miles or 4000 feet elevation gain
    • 35 points for any week over 100 miles or 7500 feet elevation gain
    • 45 points for any week over 125 miles or 9000 feet elevation gain
  • March hashtag posts:
    • During week 2, March 11-17: 10 points for a Strava post that includes hashtag #piday in the title and any photo honoring National Pi Day
    • During week 3, March 18-24: 10 points for a Strava post that includes hashtag #spring in the title and any photo celebrating Spring/Equinox

For example, if your weeks were 52mi/2600ft, 26mi/4200ft, 12mi/1100ft, and 175mi/5000ft, and you posted a #spring-hashtagged ride during week 3, you’d receive 25 + 25 + 0 + 45 + 10 points for a March total of 105 GOGO points.

Special location-independent March “official ride” opportunity. Throughout the season GOGOers can earn additional GOGO points by participating in “official rides” such as centuries, charity rides, or any organized bike ride that meets the definition of an official ride (see GOGO rules here for details). This March, there’s one special official ride you can participate in wherever you are in the world. Club member Monika Alston is coordinating an ElliptiGO group for the Melbourne to Namibia 2019 – Bicycles for Humanity charity virtual ride. If you complete 110 kilometers and a donation during March, it will count as a GOGO official ride and earn 50 GOGO points. Details here:

Properly measured indoor trainer miles are allowed if they are on an ElliptiGO.