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GOGO goals

GOGO’s goals are to promote 1) fun, 2) the ElliptiGO community, and 3) personal achievement. GOGO activities, points structure, and swag award levels are designed so that

  • bronze level awards (750 points) can be attained by many riders, even those who might miss out completely on points in one or more months, or who ride every month but usually only get a modest fraction of available monthly maximum points.
  • silver level awards (1500 points) can be attained by receiving the maximum available points from all of the regular GOGO activities (i.e. without requiring earning points through official rides), or combining regular points with points from official rides and bonus points.
  • gold level awards (2000 points) can be attained by earning a large number of points through regular activities plus a good number of additional points via official rides and perhaps bonus points.

While the leaderboards provide a full rank order of participants by points, GOGO is not designed as a competition. GOGO participants live in a wide range of locations and climates and have a wide range of life circumstances. Independent of fitness, some people’s circumstances will make earning points easier than it is for others.
Ride for fun, for community, and for personal achievement.

Regular GOGO points

The primary source of GOGO points is the series of eight monthly GOGO activities. All of these activities can be done anywhere in the world where one can ride an ElliptiGO. Usually, each month’s activity provides the opportunity to earn 100-250 GOGO points.

GOGO points for Official Rides

Riders can earn additional GOGO points by participating in official rides, which are defined as organized cycling events that have a website, a formal registration process, and a formal sponsoring organization. Official rides must take place at a particular physical location.

Weekly/monthly group rides organized by local cycling clubs are not official rides. “Meet-up” rides, despite perhaps using a website, do not usually count as official rides. “Virtual” events, such as online challenges that count physical ride distances toward some specified goal, do not qualify even though they might have a website, required registration, and a sponsor.
If you aren’t sure whether a ride counts as an official ride, email

Participation in official rides earns GOGO points as follows:

  • less than 15 miles: 10 points
  • 15-44.9 miles: 20 points
  • 45-59.9 miles: 40 points
  • 60-93.9 miles: 50 points
  • 94+ miles: 75 points

Important notes:

  • points are based on mileage of published official routes of the event. Adding extra miles beyond the published distance of an official ride will not yield additional GOGO points. Events without official published routes will fall in the 10 point category.
  • multi-day events count as one long event. Points are not awarded separately for each day.

Bonus GOGO points for top-10 distance, elevation, and days ridden
At the end of GOGO 2020 the top 10 riders in total on-the-road distance, the top 10 riders in total elevation gain, and the top 10 riders in number of days ridden over the entire season will receive bonus points as follows:

  • 1st-50pts, 2nd-45pts, 3rd-40pts, 4th-35pts, 5th-30pts, 6th-25pts, 7th-20pts, 8th-15pts, 9th-10pts, 10th-5pts

Note: for the “days ridden” category, trainer rides as well as on-the-road miles are allowed but only days of a least 5 total miles are counted.

Receiving GOGO points

  • For regular GOGO activities: simply make sure all rides are posted on Strava. We will automatically process all rides that you’ve posted during the regular activities.
  • For official rides: post your ride on Strava and include the word “GOGO” somewhere in the title or description of the ride.

NOTE: you can receive double points for some rides.  For example, if you do an official or feature ride (and mark it with “GOGO” as described above) during a regular GOGO activity such as the International Elliptical Cycling Day, you will get points for the official ride and the ride will contribute as usual to the regular GOGO activity.

Ride rules
All rides for GOGO points must be completed on an ElliptiGO. Most day-, week- or month-long GOGO events allow ElliptiGO rides on a stationary trainer if mileage is properly measured. A few events require that rides be outdoors or allow a limited amount of trainer mileage. See details for the particular activity.