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Rider GOGO Points Season bonus-eligible Distance
(see *)
March distance, elevation gain, and days Number of 20 mile rides Number of 1500′ gain rides March points Official Rides Points Bonus Points
(see **)

Note: The “Season bonus-eligible” distance and elevation values are based on on-the-road (not trainer/manual) rides since either Mar. 1, 2024 or the first day of the month in which the rider registered for GOGO, whichever is later. The Days value is number of days (since the same dates as above) with a total of a least 5 miles, and DOES include trainer miles. These are the values that will be used to determine season end bonus points for top-10 leaders.

Note: The Bonus Points columns includes 1) up to 150 points “carried over” from the prior season for riders who did not earn swag in 2023, 2) points for organizing Club events such as ElliptiGO Days and Classics, and 3) points for top-10 rank in distance, elevation gain, or days ridden at the end of the 2024 GOGO season.

Log of points from official rides

Date Rider GOGO Points Strava link