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GOGO goals

GOGO’s goals are to promote 1) fun, 2) the ElliptiGO community, and 3) personal achievement. GOGO activities, points structure, and swag award levels are designed so that:

  • bronze level awards (750 points) can be attained by many riders, even those who might miss out completely on points in one or more months, or who ride every month but usually only get a modest fraction of available monthly maximum points.
  • silver level awards (1500 points) can be attained by receiving the maximum available points from all of the regular GOGO activities (i.e. without requiring earning points through official rides), or combining regular points with points from official rides and bonus points.
  • gold level awards (2000 points) can be attained by earning a large number of points through regular activities plus a good number of additional points via official rides and perhaps bonus points.

While the leaderboards provide a full rank order of participants by points, GOGO is not designed as a competition. GOGO participants live in a wide range of locations and climates and have a wide range of life circumstances. Independent of fitness, some people’s circumstances will make earning points easier than it is for others.
Ride for fun, for community, and for personal achievement.

Regular GOGO points

The primary source of GOGO points is the series of eight monthly GOGO activities. All of these activities can be done anywhere in the world where one can ride an ElliptiGO. Usually, each month’s activity provides the opportunity to earn 100-250 GOGO points.

GOGO points for Official Rides

Riders can earn up to 1000 additional GOGO points by participating in official rides, which are defined as organized cycling events that have a website, a formal registration process, and a formal sponsoring organization. Official rides must take place on a particular date and time at a specific physical location.

Weekly/monthly group rides organized by local cycling clubs are not official rides. “Meet-up” rides, despite perhaps using a website, do not usually count as official rides. “Virtual” events, such as online challenges that count physical ride distances toward some specified goal, do not qualify even though they might have a website, required registration, and a sponsor.
If you aren’t sure whether a ride counts as an official ride, email

Participation in Club-organized ElliptiGO Days earns GOGO points as follows:

  • less than 15 miles ridden: 10 points
  • more than 15 miles ridden: 20 points

Participation in Club-organized multi-day events such as the Winter and Spring Classics and Rally Weekend earns GOGO points as follows:

  • less than 15 total miles ridden: 10 points
  • 15-44.9 total miles ridden: 20 points
  • 45.0 or more total miles ridder: 40 points

Participation in the ElliptiGO World Championship climb up Palomar Mountain earns 25 GOGO points.

Participation in other organized official events earns GOGO points as follows:

  • less than 15 miles: 10 points
  • 15-29.9 miles: 15 points
  • 30-44.9 miles: 20 points
  • 45-56.9 miles: 40 points
  • 57-96.9 miles: 50 points
  • 97-119.9 miles: 75 points
  • 120-174.9 miles: 100 points
  • 175+ miles: 125 points

Participation as “lead bike” or similar support for organized running events may earn 10 GOGO points if approved in advance by the GOGO committee (send email to

Important notes:

  • multi-day events count as one long event. Points are not awarded separately for each day.
  • official ride points are capped at 1000 points per participant per season.
  • Club members may earn official ride points for the upcoming GOGO season. (For example, from November 1, 2023 through Feb. 29, 2024, current Club members are able to accumulate official ride points for the 2024 GOGO season.)
  • points are based on mileage of published official routes of the event.
    • Adding extra miles beyond the published distance of an official ride will not yield additional GOGO points.
    • Rides that deviate from the published route, cutting the course or turning back early, will be awarded points based on forward progress along the route until deviating from the the course or turning around early. For example, if a published century ride has an out-and-back route, a rider who turns around after 25 miles and returns to the start will be awarded points based on 25 miles along the route, not 50. Please note: the intent of this rule, which awards points for rides that don’t complete a published route, is to acknowledge honest attempts hampered by mechanical, physical, weather, or other issues that arise during an event. Riders should not plan shortened official rides.
  • Events without official published routes will fall into the 10 point category.

Bonus GOGO points for organizing Club events
The organizer of an ElliptiGO Day receives 10 GOGO points. The organizer of multi-day Club events such as the Winter Classic, Spring Classic, and Rally Weekend receives 20 GOGO points. These points will be credited in the bonus column of the leaderboard.

Bonus GOGO points for top-10 distance, elevation, and days ridden
At the end of GOGO 2024 the top 10 riders in total on-the-road distance, the top 10 riders in total elevation gain, and the top 10 riders in number of days ridden over the entire season will receive bonus points as follows:

  • 1st-50pts, 2nd-45pts, 3rd-40pts, 4th-35pts, 5th-30pts, 6th-25pts, 7th-20pts, 8th-15pts, 9th-10pts, 10th-5pts

Note: for the “days ridden” category, trainer rides as well as on-the-road miles are allowed but only days of at least 5 total miles are counted.

These points will be credited in the bonus column of the leaderboard at the end of the season.

Have GO Will Travel: bonus GOGO points for riding in other countries, states, and provinces

When riding your GO in another country, or a different state/province within your country between March 1st 2024 and October 31st 2024, earn 5 bonus points.

To receive the bonus credit you must use one of the following hashtags:

  • Riding in different country use: #country
  • Riding in a different state/province within your country use: #state

The rules:

  1. You can only receive the 5 point bonus for each additional country once.
  2. You can only receive the 5 point bonus for each additional state/province once.
  3. When riding in a country other than your own, you will only earn credit for the
    country, not the individual states/provinces within that country.

  4. You do not receive points for your home country or state/province.
  5. A minimum of 2 miles is required to count as a ride.
  6. Manual entries are not allowed.
  7. Bonus may be combined with other rides/events.
  8. The bonus points will be credited in the bonus column on the leaderboard.

Example 1: You live in Arizona and travel to California 3 different times to ride, you will only receive 5 bonus points for California. Only one riding visit is eligible for bonus points, the other two rides are not eligible for bonus points.

Example 2: You live in France and bike into Switzerland, then Italy, back through Switzerland and then home to France. You would receive 10 bonus points; 5 points each for Switzerland and Italy. You would not receive another 5 points for the second time through Switzerland as you have already been credited for Switzerland. You also will not receive points for the individual provinces/states within Switzerland or Italy as they are not your home country.

For England, we will use the 9 official “regions.”

GO have fun and fill in your personal travel map!

Receiving GOGO points

  • For regular GOGO activities: simply make sure all rides are posted on Strava. We will automatically process all rides that you’ve posted during the regular activities. (Note: our software generally looks back only six days to capture completed rides. If you don’t successfully upload your ride within a few days of its completion, you might need to contact us to get credit for it.)
  • For official rides: post your ride on Strava and include the word #points somewhere in the title of the ride (NOTE: this is a different rule than in prior years!)

NOTE: you can receive double points for some rides.  For example, if you do an official or feature ride (and mark it with #points as described above) during a regular GOGO activity such as the International Elliptical Cycling Day, you will get points for the official ride and the ride will contribute as usual to the regular GOGO activity.

Ride rules, including trainer, electric assist, and manual entry rides
All rides for GOGO points must be completed on an ElliptiGO.

Trainer usage: Many day-, week- or month-long GOGO events allow ElliptiGO rides on a stationary trainer if mileage is properly measured using a speed sensor. Some events allow only a limited amount of trainer mileage. See details for the particular activity.

Use of E-Assist/ElliptiGO Electric Bike Conversion Kits: The use of ElliptiGOs outfitted with the Electric Bike Conversion Kit (E-Assist) is permitted in GOGO. E-Assist ElliptiGO riding is welcome, and GOGO participants using E-Assist are eligible to earn GOGO points and swag.

Rules specific to E-Assist riding:

  • E-Assist ElliptiGO rides should be posted to Strava using the “E-Bike” activity type instead of the usual “Ride” activity type.
  • E-Assist rides will not contribute to the season-total distance or elevation statistics used to determine top-10 bonus GOGO points (i.e. the stats labeled “GOGO Distance” and “GOGO Elevation” on the GOGO leaderboards.)
  • Particular GOGO activities might limit or disallow E-Assist participation. Check each month’s details to see if there are any special E-Assist rules.

Manual Strava entries: Credit for manual entries (no GPS track outdoors, no speed sensor indoors) is limited to 5 miles per day.